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Importers of fine Italian wines

Our shared passion for Italian wine is the driving force behind our business. Joe and I both have a love for everything Italian and wine is at the top of the list!

We started importing wine directly from Italy out of necessity for our own little restaurant in York, UK. We were able to bring in wines from producers we already knew personally and a few we were introduced to by friends in the business. Then the obsession for finding new, interesting wines grew. We now work with 40 plus wine makers directly and are constantly on the hunt for more to add to the portfolio!

Now we have the opportunity to share these fabulous wines with other restaurants and private customers across the UK. We are extremely proud to represent these dedicated winemakers and their products.

Each and every wine we list has been hand selected by us personally and the majority are exclusive to us in the UK. In this way we are able to offer a unique taste of Italy and support small, family run wineries.

We are lucky enough to have built a small team here in York that is equally as passionate about wine and quality. We all especially love speaking about wine so don’t hesitate to email or call if you have any questions about our wines!

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Joe Renzo

Joseph Renzo
Co-Owner and Director of Operations

Joe found his passion for wine while living and working in Florence, Italy. Even though his ancestral roots are from Southern Italy in Calabria, Tuscany has had a major influence on his palate. His favourite varietal is Sangiovese and he loves a bit of French oak, which clearly reflects in his wine choices. Joe’s other passion is the stock market and when he’s not tasting wine he’s glued to his charts. In his spare time Joe enjoys running, mountain biking and studying for his PPL.



Georgia Hanna
Co-Owner and Buyer

Georgia has been studying wine for over ten years. She received her Sommelier Certification in Miami with the United States Sommelier Association and continued her education first hand by moving to Italy in 2012. Her focus is now on finding special winemakers that produce fabulous wines but she knows the learning never stops. Originally from the Northeast of the USA, Georgia loves the outdoors and animals. If she’s not tasting wine she’s on a walk in the countryside looking for horses. Her favourite wines always have an interesting story.



Sabine Verenko

Sabine Verenko
Hospitality Specialist

Sabine is originally from Latvia but is convinced she must be Italian because of her obsession with the food, wine and culture. She has worked in hospitality for many years, always in Italian restaurants, and has more recently started studying Italian wine. She says the most rewarding part of her role at L’UVA is recommending and helping customers select wines and the sense of accomplishment she gains when they are pleased with the choice. Sabine’s favourite wines always have intense aromas. When Sabine isn’t assisting customers with choosing wines she enjoys traveling and exploring new parts of Italy she hasn’t visited yet.

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